Premium dubai domain name for sale
The perfect ae / .com domain names for the perfect dubai business and to invest in domain name business in dubai.

Every business needs a location - premium domains are your online business address

A good domain name is your dubai company's address on the internet.Every company needs an office location or physical address and location plays a prime role in expanding your presence.If your business is local then .ae premium domains for sale is your best choice to gain popularity in search engines with a keyword domain.

Your website is your company's image

Internet is the fastest growing advertising platform for maximum exposure.Every company needs a website and most importantly a domain name registration to launch a website.A domain name is the first step in launching your online presence and choosing the right ae domain name is key factor for a successful business in united arab emirates and globally.

Premium domains are brandable, memorable and single keyword

Industry specific domains are premium and powerful ae domain names for launching a classifieds portal for united arab emirates or using the dubai domain to host your company corporate website.It is a prime internet property for investment and gain an edge over your competition.Domain names are like businesses for sale.

MAKE OFFER! only serious offers (Mention domain)

About Premium Domain

Premium dubai domains is the location for keyword ae domain names that speak for itself.Premium domains are easy to remember, brandable and memorable web address for any business or portal website.

Why ae domain names registration?

United Arab Emirates is a popular destination and Dubai is at the prime of world attention.The whole world is focussing on dubai region and people are searching and visiting local dubai portals online.Generally website visitors prefer checking ae domain names of the particular country and finding a company on a keyword specific domain gives a strong impression about the company. The amount of online advertising and usage of classifieds websites has drastically increased and buying a quality domain is a profitable investment to launch a website for a growing internet market or simple use the domain for various promotions online.

Why invest in Premium domains?

  • Instant popularity and trust !!!

    Premium ae domain names have instant recognition and build trust in customers.A great domain name highlights your dubai based company as a serious and reliable business operator , and customers form an impression about your company.Any website hosted on a premium single keyword domain has more chances of recall and revisits compared to a multi word doman that customers will easily forget and doubt the credibility.

  • Increase search engine ranking and word of mouth viral marketing

    A premium domain name gets higher exposure on search engines because of the keyword in domain name.Since the brandable domain name is easy to type and remember and relates to the particular industry , people mostly promote it to friends via viral marketing through social networks and word of mouth publicity.It is highly recommeded to register a keyword domain name that people can recall and revisit.

  • The value of a premium domain keeps increasing over time.It is like property investment. sold for $1.4 million ...Why?

    Most of the premium domain names are registered and being used by big companies / fortune 500 firms.There can only be one domain of a particular keyword and inspite of various multiword combinations the value of the premium domain name keeps steadily rising.Are you looking to buy a business in dubai ? Invest in a domain names.

    Example : is just one and would belong to only one owner who can keep registering the domain for life.In simple words there is always very less supply compared to demand.Domain name holds value just like prime property.There can be only one apartment of its type in a particular building and it can only have one owner.As demand rises the owner can sell that for premium profit.


Discover more about the benefits of registering .ae domain names

.AE is the country code top level domain name for United Arab Emirates.A ae domain name registration is a powerful tool to reach local and international audience.Having a local .ae domain extension builds trust and loyalty and easily differentiates your company as being a UAE based company.A ae domain gives a professional look to your organisation's website and since its closer to home, the customers relate to it in a more comfortable way.

Bu choosing a .ae to host your business or portal, it directly impacts the local audience and also helps in business opportunities worldwide since users online can easily know you are based in UAE and Dubai is leading the race for business setups and online shopping growth.

Marketing benefits of .ae domain

A .ae domain extension means serious business for businesses targetting the local market and yet reaffirming their presence on the global internet map.From a marketing and branding point of view for a business, .ae domain would definitely be more feasible for companies and institutions based in the UAE. A golden rule for quality domain names is that size of a domain name greatly matters in recall and branding. The smaller and direct keyword name, the easier it to remember, perfect to brand, and leaves minimal chances of typing errors , forgetting the website address etc.

Our ae and .com have awesome premium domain qualities

A good domain name is a face of your website and a good website is a face of your business

  • .ae United Arab Emirates top level domain

    Best choice for your target market and local marketing reach.Easily recognisable and understood by international internet users.More than 200000 ae domains registered within last year itself.

  • Easy uae domain name to type and remember

    A short and direct keyword domain name is easy to type in the browser and more easier to remember.Imagine if your company owns this domain , users will not forget your keyword domain as easily and will keep returning back to your website because keyword domains are unique, simple word and relates to your business and industry.

  • Brandable and Social media friendly

    A good domain name has a high brand value which people will remember and associate with your product or service.On social media networks users tend to forward more short and easy domains rather than long ones.This greatly makes your advertising more successful and develop a strong social network following.

  • SEO optimisation benefits

    The major search engines give prime importance to relevant keywords in domain names and then their extensions.Imagine the powerful effect on your search engine rankings if you are aiming to rank high in local search for your industry keyword.It will automatically lead to double impact and higher ranking of your website in search engines.

  • Valuable bonus type in traffic

    It is very common for people to type in keywords in the domain and search for it.If someone is seeking an advertisement portal or a advertising firm they will randomly type the keyword and local domain extension to see if any website exists.If you own this premium domain, you will get more random visitors to your website as a bonus.Imagine getting free visitors to your website.

  • Future Investment for resale and profit

    A premium domain name is real estate property on the internet.If you buy a domain and if you need to sell it in the future, the domain acts like reality.The value of good domains keeps multiplying and thats the reason why good domains sell for millions of $$$$$. Example - sold for $ 1.4 Million.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about domain investment opportunity

Who owns the premium domain names and why are they for sale?

This prestige domains belongs to an individual investor who knows the value of real estate property.I have registered many domains and since there is not much time to develop the domains in to active websites, I am offering the domains for sale to exclusive businesses / individuals.

What are aftermarket domain names?

Aftermarket domain names are domains that are already registered and put back for sale in the market through auctions or direct buying options.These pre registered domains are offiicial property of the registered owner for the defined registration period of domain name and can be purchased and transfered to a new owner.

What is buy now price and what is make offer ?

Buy now price is the special discounted price offered to a potential buyer who can directly purchase the domain using our secure and reliable payment method.The buy now price can change as per market demand.We use paypal as a payment option.Make offer is your offer price or a suggested price you may want to buy the domain make offer USD 8999/- and if we find the offer feasible we can start a negotiation process.Most premium domains are priced high but are worth the investment , and only serious offers are entertained and replied back.

What happens after I buy the domain? When does the domain transfer take place?

Once you purchase the domain and the funds are transfered into paypal account, the domain transfer process takes place within 2-5 business working days.The new owner has to submit required documents to change ownership in their name.You will be guided through the simple domain transfer process.


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